Wednesday, December 14, 2016


No entry today, sadly. I did get a lot done today though. I got all nut one of the cookies mailed, the breeder family moved and I need to get their new address, so no joy there. I got most of my Christmas cards taken care of and mailed, I got a gorgeous walnut pie made for the folks at work for our Christmas lunch and I  discovered lost my thumb drive with all my addresses on it.

Neither Exhausted Diana or Awake Diana thought to save the damn file to her Computer because if either of us had, this would not be an issue. Awake Diana thought she did but apparently it was a file type the computer didn't like very much and chose to not save or something equally shitty.

I am wildly looking for it. I am almost absolutly sure it made it back from the Kinkos because I have this vision of myself putting the drive somewhere "safe" inside my house. The problem was I was exhausted when I did this and Exhausted Diana does not use the same logic that Awake Diana uses.

I have scoured all the places Awake Diana puts small things that need to be kept safe, small things get lost and I have a limited number of places that I stash small things for their safety. The small thumb drive is in none of those places.

It is also not in my purse or in the pockets of the pants I was wearing Monday night, it is not in the car because I looked everywhere. I wouldn't have left it at the Kinkos because the machine told me to remove my drive and I remember removing it.

Exhausted Diana should not be in charge of things.

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