Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lists II

I reviewed my lists from yesterday to see if I could check anything off.  I was able to cross of the "get labels" item off, I went to Kinkos and bought labels and then spent .13  page to have their printers print them off. It was worth it to just get the damn job done. I now have enough labels to never have to buy labels again.

I ran across an old thumb drive not long ago that I used for the Christmas card images, as I was looking at all the too much stuff that was still being carried around on the drive, I noticed that my Christmas card list from last year was on it. As you may recall, my computer crashed last summer and took everything with it, everything including  random stuff like, say my much worked on Christmas card list that took me hours and hours to get from point A to Point B and correctly formatted and all the addresses corrected and updated and I was very proud of it. And then it went Poof. But because it went poof over the summer, I didn't think about it when I was thinking about all the stuff I had now lost.

And there it was. Finding it saved me much time and heartache. It's not still 100% correct, people have moved and gotten married in the meantime, but its correct enough to save me  a lot of time. Thank you Gawd. It was even formated correctly to what Kinkos had labels on hand to print to.

I would have been to the Kinkos sooner but I took my thumb drive to work to look at the addresses and then in a fit of being afraid of being discovered with an illegal thumb drive being plugged into my computer (we have been warned how very, very bad it is to do that. Very bad, very, very, very bad), I stashed it in my desk and forgot about it.  Later on, at home, I went to check for it as I was getting ready to leave for the store and discovered it wasn't in my purse! I had to go to work to get it and then go to the store. I was so very pleased with me.

But any way.

I came home  from Kinkos and boxed up cookies, got them labeled and ready to be mailed! I included my Christmas card and the Dogs' card. I'm only missing one address and I'm going to get that tomorrow and I'll get that box mailed later. I couldn't find a big enough bag to carry them to the post office in so I put them in a black garbage bag. It looks like a Santa bag! Everyone had the post office will hate me.

 I haven't gotten the rest of the cards even started yet, but I do have the labels so those are a go.

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