Friday, December 30, 2016


In honor of the passing of both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, I actually paid to watch  Postcards from the Edge, Netflix didn't have it and Amazon Prime made me pay to watch it! How exploitive! Of their loss and my emotions, I feel violated. I was having flashbacks of having to rent physical videos, it was like going to Blockbuster. Ewww. It didn't help matter that I pretty much had to watch it right now, I was going to watch it right now anyway, but still!

You would think they would have a little more sensitivity at this moment and not try to profit of this loss, people are hurting here and they are still trying to make a buck of it. Poor form Amazon. They and Netflix should be pushing whatever catalog films they have that feature either of them or their work - Fisher did script work on many, many films, how about featuring them? Put some of those older titles up to the front and let them get some attention.

They have no problem featuring old Star Wars titles and I know that those are not there because of her passing, if they can manage to push old titles up for a movie release. I think they can feature their old movies now that they have passed. Good Gawd, Debbie Reynolds made many, many films! Pick a handful, I'm tired of When Harry met Sally too, but for old times sake...

The next time we meet its going to be 2017. Let us genuinely pray that it is better than 2016. And that Trump gets impeached very soon into it.

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