Thursday, December 29, 2016


I think the most important part of going to work, next to the whole paying my mortgage and bills part of work, but the next most important part of work is the structure it provides. Because when I don't go to work, I don't have any structure and I do not stick to my schedule and don't get shite done. I walk less, which makes my fitbit grumpy. If I go to work, I come home from work which is my cue to walk the dog right now, I don't feel the same urgency to do this when I'm at home all day with the dog watching TV under a blanket. There is no urgency to walk the dog when I know he would really rather just continue his nap.

When I go to work I get up at A time, I get dressed,  I take the dog for  his morning walk, daily - speaking of this walk, its the same walk every day - however, if you look at my fitbit, its all over the place, sometimes I walk .50, sometimes I walk .19 - I always walk the exact same same route! I don't change, yet the fitbit  gets all creative with my route and seems to have the idea that I am very devil may care with my morning walk. I am not. The dog gets walked, he gets fed, I read my email and check my sites and take the dog out again and then I go to work. I don't change things. Much. I stopped getting the paper and so I stopped reading it. Now I get the paper again but I haven't started reading it again. I use that time to sit on the couch with the dog and cuddle, I think its time better spent.

Back to my fitbit. I think the fitbit is getting dementia and needs to be replaced. It also won't hold a charge and needs to be plugged in every couple of days - which is so wrong! A fitbit is like the Energizer bunny! It just keeps going and going and going. At least its supposed to.I need to plug it in every couple of days! It used to be every couple of months! And now its all forgetful! Today when I came home from work it said I took only 17 steps! and climbed only one  set of stairs. Even when I sit on the couch all day watching Law and Order I do better than that.

Clearly something is wrong. It eventually sinqed up, but that's not okay, I walked 2.6 miles just with the dog after work and I'm still not over 10,000 steps. I also went to Wally at lunch and spent the day at work walking to and fro, I didn't walk too fro but there was still some walking so I know I should have at least hit my 10K by now.

Speaking of the dog, he was good today, he didn't try to destroy the futon again. He was weird on our walk this morning though. One of our neighbors parked their dog in their front yard - properly restrained, he wasn't going anywhere, but they have never done that before, ever - and Rocket got all barky and male dog. He was just not having any of this Surprise Dog business. The other dog didn't bark or behave badly or anything but Rocket showed his ass and was very embarrassing and loud - he never does this! The other dog maybe was putting out some weird dog vibes I'm not privy to and Rocket wasn't having any of it and wanted him to know it or  Rocket was just very startled by the dog, who had never been there before and maybe had just been put out and his scent hadn't had a chance to spread the word.

I do know that Rocket doesn't like being startled by anything in the mornings in the dark and would have very likely behaved in a somewhat modified manner if there had been a man standing in that yard instead. He really doesn't like to be surprised in the dark, he has been known to take an aggressive stance at plastic bags that have blown by out of turn. Long story short, don't surprise him, he doesn't like it and he doesn't react well - which is probably for the best if you take walks in the dark, its probably best to have a  big dog with an over active startle reflex and bark first ask questions later policy

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