Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Day another Protest

You go years without having to hit the bricks and then the world comes to an end and you find yourself  singing the old songs again and again and again I have the very bad feeling that we're going to be thrown into our own Ground Hogs Day Hell  for the foreseeable future.

The expected 150, they got 1500.

I went out early and got a good standing place and was shocked yet again when the crowds just did not stop arriving. Raleigh didn't let itself down, we are not happy and we are not afraid. The bear has been poked and it is not going back to sleep. There is a another rally already scheduled for the weekend of the 4th  and there is an even bigger rally long scheduled for the weekend after that. Being angry about politics and  policy is apparently a group activity. Who knew PoliSci could be fun!

But the thing is, its not fun.  None of this is fun. There are real people who are suffering  very real hardships because the cheeto is letting a Nazi make his policy  for him. We are the bad guys and suddenly? So are the British? Gawd! The Germans must feel so confused right now, they are on the moral high ground for the first time ever. I bet there is a nation wide epidemic of dizziness and disorientation. The grandchildren of Nazis are looking down on us. Thank you Cheeto,

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