Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I had an epiphany as I was walking the dog this morning: I really need to put a skirt on.

I picked up this very cool voluminous knit poncho thingy over the weekend and it looked great over a turtleneck and a pair of leggings and boots. My first bad idea were those leggings - they were very badly behaved leggings, they were the first to go, they rodedown!

 The first version outfit will look great over a weekend sometime but in the work environment, it needed a little more coverage, so I added a black skirt and a different pair of black leggings and it looked great in the office.

I'll also have you know that there was a protest this afternoon and it went off without me, I don't want to get burned out on protests. Also, it was a the office  of one of our Senators and it turned out to be a very photogenic picket line and I don't want to show up in pictures at this point, there are still too many McCrory Republicans between me and my check. I need to be careful.

I did avoid the line though, as a practice though, I do not cross picket lines - not that I have had much chance to do so being that I have always lived in "right to work" states where you are not likely going to run across many picket lines to cross. So, for the first time ever, I think, I did not cross a picket line. The dog and I walked all the way around the building to avoid getting in its way.

Good for them showing up though and holding Sen. Tillis to the heat though and I do like the picket line idea, its a new one. It was a good use of not that many people and it looked good for the rush hour  traffic passing by. Good for the organizers.

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