Friday, January 13, 2017


On Monday I crept out of the house to carefully walk the dog ( wearing a furry hat and a full winter coat) through the ice and snow in inadequate gloves ( fingers took hours to stop tingling) a heavy wool coat, flannel lined jeans, leggings, snow boots ( toes did not regain feeling for hours), a heavy wool sweater and two layers under that and I was still cold and I think I ended up with  touch of  frost bite on my face.

On Thursday, I  swept out of the house in a thin sweater sweater and a pair of slacks, the dog was without a coat or hat and we had a lovely time.  I even put the wool coat away in the closet, practically in Siberia.

Today I bought tee shirts for my mother and I to wear to the March in Raleigh on the 21st. #Resist. You can see if there is near you .

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