Thursday, January 12, 2017

The TV Guide

Welcome to the Chaos. The movies and TV and other entertainment made over the next whatever are going to be very easily identifiable in the future. There will be stark differences in what we are seeing in today's Pre-Trump presidency productions and what will be rolled out in the fall, the tone, the themes, even the colors of the sets and the wardrobes. 

At first they are going to try to make friends with poor white trash, make more Khristian centered family sitcoms and Khristan Dramas, a whole lot of bad shows along the lines of Touched by an Angel or That other Bad Show but when these fail because no one really watches these, the industry will attack and  instead of stories featuring bad foreign terrorists we will go after the real enemy, domestic terrorists. The ones who really destroyed our country. But Trump and his ilk won't like these stories at all.

Eventually, some of it will no doubt be straight up Trumpian propaganda, because he or the people around him do know TV, -  bad TV, Reality TV, but you would think he would understand the importance of  story telling, although that complete mess today does make you question how much of his TV experience he brought to the party because applause at a press conference? really!? He will get better and he will eventually find people who will be willing to produce pro-Trump TV programming on the main networks. It won't be pretty. But first they have to cut off his coke and start feeding him downers, lots and lots of downers and hide his damn phone.

 Thus far he has not found his own Leni Riefenstahl but let's be real, he doesn't have the vision for that kind of vision. He's more of a late infomercial kinda guy. He can talk big about vast Reifenstahlian productions but he but he can't pull off a really big show because he can't get really pull that kind of show off, not any more, Before he was just an asshole, now he's a known predator and a hated figure. He insulted Meryl Streep. 

The  best way to reach "his" people - the poor, the drunk, the drug addicted, the mentally ill. the isolated, the ignorant, the angry,  the unemployable is the cheapest, fastest, easiest thing to produce: The lowly Infomercial Run them all night, every night. He would reach millions of his foot soldiers and never have to lift a finger or leave his tower.

Chachi could be in all of them.

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