Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I was finally able to get the last bag of dog cookies distributed to the intended party! I had almost given up on getting it to them and was just about to give it to Rocket.  

The neighbor came to the door because she had noticed that one of our other neighbors dogs was tied up on their porch and its water bowl had frozen and the dog was very cold and barking and her pit hates being cold and she figured that I must know them. I do know them, I do not know the dog. The dog, I suspect,  belongs to a new boyfriend.

 I knew the last dog that lived there but she, the current homeowner, daughter of the original home owner who I was friends with, who has since died, a lovely old man who was a Tuskegee Airman. The daughter inherited the house after he died and she is a nice woman with a really sweet little girl.

They got rid of  their dog, at some point. His name as Tiger and he was a pitbull. She then got some kind of small yappy dog. There is a new male living there, the suspected boyfriend, and he brought a pit with him, he seems to take care of it more or less, he does make sure its safely tied down outside and it is usually on the porch where it has water and a bed but its too cold for that right now, there is a real threat that could freeze to death . 

I checked before, no small task, and he seemed to be inside. That was the dog that startled Rocket and got him all barky other morning, I think we scared him too. I'm not sure what I think about him being out there at five whatever ayam - know ing that he may have spent the night out there. I didn't see him the next morning but he could have been on the porch - but he also seems pretty alert so I think he wouldn't have let us pass. I just hope he was inside. 

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