Monday, January 9, 2017


Well, the snow fell,  it rained first though and for longer and that did not add to the over all mood . It did eventually snow but not as deeply as advertised and not as long as they had told us it was going to. They were spot on about the temps though. Cold as a witches tit all weekend.

The streets are icy. Can't leave the house unless its on foot and the cold is bad on feet. I can't feel mine right now, its an off an on condition. I do miss summer.

Dog and I  left the house  to  walk downtown on Saturday and that was fun! I discovered that those nifty little one-size-fits-all knit gloves are absolutely no help at all in 19 degree weather. None. Might as well not be wearing gloves at all. It got better as time went on but I wasn't happy.

Rocket seems to like the cold better than he likes the heat. He plays in the snow and ice and seems to get genuine joy from it. I think it hurts his feet though. I should have made him wear his shoes with the ice and snow and attendant salting but I didn't think of it - he hates them anyway. The best thing about  spending time in the bitter cold outside is it makes the cold inside seem absolutely balmy by comparison, at least briefly when we come home.

To warm up the house and myself I made myself a lovely chicken pot pie with a home made white sauce to boot. It turned out very well.

Sunday  wewalked downtown again, gluttons for punishment are we. This time with awkward ski gloves protecting my hands. My hands were fine, my feet, however, haha! on our way back. the sole of one of my boots fell clean off. Without a sole, a snow boot is like a really heavy ballet shoe. A clearly not waterproof  ballet shoe. For a good half mile on a mostly shady, icy street. So much joy.

Saturday I stripped the tree, Sunday I  took down the tree and boxed up indoor Christmas. After out walk I made a very good spaghetti squash with venison and red sauce, warmed up the kitchen and me very well.

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