Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rerun Land

I got a happy surprise over the weekend, M*A*S*H reuns! and lots of them!  A good hour and half a day of soothing, televised mac and cheese. Just when I needed it the most.

It was absolutely comforting to see an episode again. I as like Oh, Hawkeye! BJ! Father Mulcahey!  Col. Potter! Margaret!, Radar!, Klinger! OMG I've missed you!

Sadly, they are being aired out of order. The episode I watched today was Col. Potters first show, and early in the BJ years, tomorrow the episodes feature Henry (alive!) and Trapper. The first episode I ran across over the weekend was Henry's son being born. It was happy and sad because Henry doesn't live to get to meet the baby. It doesn't matter that Henry wasn't real, he didn't live to meet his son!, his plane spun into the Sea of Japan and there were no survivors.  I would not watch that episode again.

I aced a M*A*S*H quiz on Buzzfeed and I hadn't watched an episode in years. Of course for years I watched  the show every day, years? Did I say years? I meant decades. I also aced a quiz on great works of art just to make sure my brain wasn't completely full of TV trivia. I aced the art quiz because I was able to place the location of the scene to Spain by the gowns the women were wearing, because I took costume history and I remembered that only ladies in Spain wore that horrible silhouette  and that allowed me to guess the name of the work, i.e it was by a Spanish artist vs. Italian or French.

Will and Grace is reruns and totally available and now my DVR is so busy and that makes me so happy because living in the past is going to be my happy place for the next while I'm thinking.

This morning I woke up with the dogs head on my shoulder, it was the nicest thing ever.

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