Thursday, January 19, 2017


I solved the problem of the uneven  episodes of M*A*S*H, two different networks running reruns! It would be one thing if the episodes were  separated by multiple seasons, but they are only a season or so separating the episodes.  M*A*S*H ran for eleven years, they could do a lot better than than that. So it's not a single network running episodes out of order, it is two networks running reruns concurrently. It's like they are singing a round. I feel better now.

I've also discovered that even though two networks are running reruns, they are not running episodes every day. Thursdays for example, are episode-less - which would be tragic, except I have other actual first-run shows from this century to watch instead, so I'll survive.

On a totally different topic. I just cleaned my bath tub. It looks exactly the same. This is not the look I was going for, it may look gross but it was just literally soaked with a bleach bathroom cleaner and the room reeks of bleach. The tub doesn't look very nice but its probably cleaner than yours is.

On to a different topic : When is the new Match Game going to get good? It is just so bad! The  celebrities are okayish, they try hard and for the most part they seem to at least want to be there, or not, one or two seem to have woken up on the set and behave like caged animals ( looking at you Chris D'elia).

The real issue are the players. Real morons! Idiots! Where do they get these people! Back in the day the players were at the very least clever. The writing isn't great, it needs help, but still. My Gawd. The network is burning episodes ( Now on Twice a Week!), so  clearly they aren't happy with it, but  they could fix it. It was a funny game show. Now its a ... show.

On to a different topic - Puppy Days , a good show,  brutally honest about living with a puppy and how not fun it is.  I thought it was just going to follow these folks on Day 1 with their new puppies and that was going to be cute but in reality, its going to follow these people and their puppies through the unfun challenges of potty training, teething, obedience, learning to live with this new creature. Its fascinating. Six families, in six different locations with six different kinds of puppies. Its very good and the puppies are adorb. All puppies are cute if they aren't yours and you are cleaning up their pee or scooping their poop. This show pulls no punches. Puppies are hard. And squishy.

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