Thursday, January 5, 2017


I had to work very hard at work today.  So hard. All day.  I don't get compensated enough to work all day, I didn't even get lunch. I  sat at my desk and worked through - I was able to do so because we had pizza today to reward us for working harder than we should have. In reality, some of us worked hard, some of us let our work pile up until  rescue missions had to be staged. Those people also ate pizza. And also probably took lunch.

But. I got business taken care of. I did two days of work in one and did it with a sore back. WHich is feeling better, thank you for asking.

As for my new alarm clock, I am happy to report that my new alarm clock does work and did successfully alarm this morning, I know because I was awake and waiting for it to not go off. It did go off and it did so in a fancy starting off softly and gradually getting more peircing way. It is hard to properly turn off and then reset. And its hard to tell if  the alarm is on, it could be clearer.. I guess some people like to really study the faces of their alarm clocks. I would prefer to glance and go.

My old clock was very clear on that. I liked that, you could tell at a glance if it was set or not. This new one and I are going to have to learn each other. I mean, its not going to have to learn about me, i could care less about me, about my hopes and dreams... On the upside, this new machine has a radio! I haven't had a radio in the house in ages. I'm pretty sure its just FM, but I haven't listened to AM in , ever, but hey alarm OPTIONS!

But to be honest, if I'm going to have options, I would prefer multiple buzzer options if options are being handed out. Mood buzzers.

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