Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Your Purpose

Okay! I was bad! I went to the movies instead of being good and writing an entry. I'm sorry, not sorry.

I went to see A Dogs Purpose , controversial? Not if you don't use TMZ as a news source or think of PETA as any type of animal welfare group - because  I don't and they aren't. They are dedicated to self aggrandizement and they care little to nothing about the actual care and welfare of animals. They suck.

The movie does not. It is very sad, SPOILER, the dogs die. They live out their natural lives,  or some some of a bitch kills them, and then they die. Over and over. Kind of like they do in real life. And that sucks, however it's the same dog in spirit and he just keeps trucking along "Wow, that life was awesome!, Ew. that life was kind of short and to the point, hmm. Better luck next time, Next life here I come!" - Only better than that.

If I had just lost a pet I could not have watched this, it would have been way too hard.

And there are actual real people involved and there lives are kind of sad too. The dog at least gets to die  and sometimes die heroically, every 12 years or so, these poor people just have to keep plugging along even though alcoholic parents and shattered dreams and house fires and occasional heroism, and clinical depression. And happiness and marriage and children and joy and life stuff and our little buddy just keep scampering along. Sob!

Still? Go see it, not however, for small children.

Yes, I know the Oscar (tm) nominations came out. I went to see a movie! 

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