Friday, February 17, 2017


I tried to watch the now infamous press conference. It made me dizzy, just reading excerpts were very troubling . I talk to crazy people on the phone, confused, crazy people who have been routed to the wrong place and are unhappy about being dumped with me and he sounds like them! No one wants to deal with them and they don't want to deal with the crazy people, because crazy people are royal pains in the ass, they are needy and whiney and completely self involved. And crazy people complain about EVERYTHING. There is very little in their lives that do not cause them some sort of irritation. And damn it, they know their rights! and they know for a fact that you are trampling on them and them. You don't know your rights because you don't have to.

Cheeto is annoyed by everything and everyone is cheating him and his rights are constantly being infringed upon. He is every crazy person I have ever gotten stuck on the phone with. And the entire world and everything in it is all about him. He gets on a topic, say, his electoral college points or whatever and he just can't not talk about it all the time, he'll go back to that no matter what he's supposed to be talking about. He can't help himself. He's too crazy! He needs to be  darted and netted and put inside and his meds figured out.

He is what crazy people sound like. If you ever wondered what crazy people sound like, he is what crazy people sound like.

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