Thursday, February 16, 2017


So many things! So much ! Why is he so wrong!? So soon?

The Obama admin went 416 weeks. Eight full years without a single scandal.  Cheeto was sworn in less than a month ago and Vox had to post this: Trumps Three Russia scandals explained    I like Vox despite its reputation for man-splany-ness . Sometimes I need stuff explained and I don't care who explains it to me.

Go and read the Vox article and be scared and then read it again and be angry. And then call both your Senators and your representative and demand that they investigate anyone and everyone in the Cheeto administration. It doesn't matter that they are the newest frosh in the senate or an undermember of an unimportant nothing. They have to know that you are angry and that you went through the hassle of finding their number and then calling and talking to whoever answers the phone. It counts, you count and you have to let them know that you are going to set them on fire if they don't act on this.

 They already have nightmares about you and me and 35,000 of our friends wandering around in the street in front of their office this and every weekend until something changes. I don't have anything better to do, its my duty and yours. We are protecting our nation!

 The GOP really needs to figure out that they have to the power to make it stop, him and us, but they have to remember who they serve for real - they can make him and his insanity stop, they can pull the leash and bring him to heal and stop the madness but thus far they have resisited this and seem to either be paralyzed by fear or so fascinated by the train wreck that hey can't look away- because we are not going to stop or look away. RESIST.

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