Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Under the lights.

Today was a good day because I was wearing black shoes and black pants. As opposed to MOnday when I was wearing navy leggings and a navy skirt and what I thought was a navy top and black shoes. I need better lights.

As it turned out, my top was black, so my shoes were not entirely not right. But they were still pretty  not right. Fortunately I spent the day in my dark office and I don't think any one else noticed. In addition to the wrong shoes.  I thought I was wearing a navy blouse so everyone else thought I was wearing a navy blouse. That's what I am going with.

So today I mad extra special sure that I was wearing actual black shoes, black pants and that the color on my blouse was actual black .I was not dressed all in black but now that I have successfully changed clothes, I can't remember what I wore to work today other than I did wear black pants with it. I did not wear  a black blouse! I wore a blazer! it was black. but it had colors in it! I wore a purple turtle neck!  Okay short term memory intact! Go me!

In honor of Valentines Day, I took myself out to lunch and that was lovely and after work, the dog and I did not go for our walk. Instead I emptied the dishwasher and the sink and refilled the dishwasher and ran it then I made some chicken and green bean stir fry and watched a bunch of M*A*S*H reruns. I also spent the day cackling over the Cheetos admin crumbling. It was a nice day.

I want to say that I called Flynn being on the way out when I read the CNN breaking news thing about  Cheeto realing some sort of statement expressing confidence in him. That was about the time I took dog for his walk Monday after work and I said to myself "Oh, he's done". Its such a cliche! Every time any president officially  expresses "confidence" in a member of his administration it means they are cleaning out their office. Count on it.

Next up? That blond Attention Whore. She should be falling on her sword any minute now, if she isn't pushed on to it. She's a weight around the admins neck and she will be replaced by that little Nazi Miller. Why do you think he's suddenly doing her work?  Going on morning shows? Being the admins mouth? That is her job. It was her job.  Its his job now.

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