Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Other than watching a very unsatisfactory Super Bowl, I also went to another protest, now becoming a weekly event,  I'm going to another on next weekend.  Despite a another visit from the bad back fairy, I made some absolutely lovely chicken soup -  even though I bought the chicken broth, it was still good even without the  homemade broth step. I baked the chicken parts myself and defrosted the frozen veggies  and that's worth points.

I attended my nephews birthday party and he can now officially spend the rest of his life bragging that he has been a card carrying member of the ACLU since he was eight years old, damn it! pretty rock solid liberal credentials. He has a adorably precocious hate for Cheeto, it's so cute and I hope he clings to it.   I also got him a nerf gun that shoots actual ammunition that if they hit you cause some discomfort. I don't which one he was more excited about. That's a big lie, he was more excited about the war toy.

I saw it taped on a newspaper box and came home and looked it up online and low and behold it was actually for real. Who knew?  I also did spread the word through instagram and Tumbler  and now here because I am just that kind of gal.
It is real

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