Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yay Tuesday! Whee! All day it was Tuesday! I finished up my latest book: The Daily Show. The Book, An Oral History and tomorrow I am going to start on The Princess Diarist and after that I'm going to restart Razer Girl, the Carl Hiaasen I started and didn't finish . I am hoping by the time I finish up with that one that hopefully David Sedaris' most recent will go on sale and I'll be able to get it and then read it.

Have I mentioned that I hate my two Republican senators? Tillis and Burr? Spinless pieces of  fascist shit. Burr isn't running again and thinks it doesn't matter any more, that he can get away with these kind of choices. He must have wanted to be remembered for something? I'm guessing being Trumps Bitch was not what he was planning on, but that is what he will be remembered for in the books. Sorry not sorry, asshole, you worked for years and this is it for you: Trumps Bitch.

 Tillis committed political suicide for himself and his staff, which I will tell his staff as soon as they start answering the lines again. He is a dead man walking. He could have saved his political future and made a name for himself, but he decided that he was tired of the political life and wanted to disappear . Good work, his term is up in 2020 and he will not be reelected and those little people will be out of work.

Yup. Those poor sad things that staff his offices.  They love politics and they are True Believers in whatever it is that Republicans believe in. It's sad that their futures in the field  are trashed. They worked for him, their reputations are tied to his, irrevocably. They worked for a Trump backer and that is going to be poison for their political futures. It doesn't matter if that is true or not, I want them to think it is. And I will plant those seeds, doubt is a painful splinter and it is hard to get out.

They can save themselves, they can get out and go to work for better politicians. They could change their party and get saved,

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