Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Something really weird happened Sunday night. OKay, other that that, I woke up cold

Its been eighty degrees outside! I stopped turning on the electric blanket and I had taken off the heaviest of the winter blankets and sent them to the foot of the bed for a time out, and I had been thinking of sending them away for the season. And then I woke up cold! I couldn't even grab the dog because he was curled up in a dog ball and there was no warmth to borrow. The blankets were buried under decorative pillows and were unreachable.

SO I went to sleep very late, I woke up cold and I could do nothing about it and it got morning much sooner than it should have.

To make up for the very late night. I slept very late Sunday. I woke up with tiny kitty stretched out on my legs and Ace kitty laying on my chest grooming my nose. I guess the Ace I have a very sloppy  nose that needed some very aggressive grooming. I now have a red mark that silently testifies to my how badly I needed grooming and Aces hard work to bringing my nose back into line. He is very lucky that he just missed the space where my glasses rest because otherwise I would be very uncomfortable until it healed up and I think it will be a while because that nose really needed to to be brought into line.

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