Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stand Up. Fight Back.

Note to myself, during my lunch hour while I'm not eating lunch or attending Ash Wednesday Mass - not enough parking or time in my lunch hour -  I need to buy more coffee and protein bars . The grocery store is the ideal place for a fasting person to spend their lunch hour.

Today on our walk Rocket and I decided it would be a good idea to go and take a look at our Jewish cemetery, get a baseline on it and make sure that it still looks like it did the last time I took a good look at it.

It helps that it is at the corner of Poverty and College Ghetto, and very few people come to this neighborhood for no reason. It helps that few people even know that Raleigh has a Jewish cemetery in the first place, and even if you do see it, it is not well marked at all and that it probably a good thing. It could use a better fence, a lot better fence, its part of the larger Oakwood Cemetery and while it has very sturdy, heavy, iron fences all the way around, right up until you get to it - and then you get not at all sturdy and that is not at all alright. The next Purim carnival needs to be a fundraiser for a better fence.

 In its favor it is over looked by dorms and those kids may or may not be keeping an eye on it, if they know what they are keeping an eye on. Or they avoid that gross cemetery at all costs. But if anything is moving over there, someone is going to notice.

Not in its favor, I could have snuck in there with the dog and no one would have seen me and that includes the news truck from that was there to let everyone know 1) there is a Jewish cemetery in town!, and 2) Where it is!

I told the guy I thought it would be a better idea if maybe he was to not do this but he seemed to think this was  a great idea. On the upside it was a local news station that isn't carried on any of the local cable stations. We'll see how this works out for it.

We have to keep an eye on each other. We came out for the Muslims, we need to come out for the Jews. Go walk to the Jewish cemetery in your town, drive passed it more, be eyes on it, be aware of what its baseline is.

Today the Cheeto blamed the one hundred attacks and threats to the Jewish Community across the country since he took office on the Jews and  their friends the Democrats themselves. He said it was part of a false flag operation to blame "other people". Those "other people" are anti-semites, the kind of people who set up robocall threats to Jewish schools and community centers and tip over  hundreds grave stones at cemeteries. Guilty anti-semites . He pulled anti-semites to his bosom and  comforted them, because their feelings are hurt?  And then he accused Jews of threatening themselves to makes anti-semites look bad. President Bannon does amazing work.

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