Thursday, March 2, 2017


Pouring rain. Pouring with such energy that it gave me the incentive to do my laundry. Or at the very least part of it. I had been avoiding it, no reason. just every time it seems like I should be doing it, I find another thing I want to do more - like watching more reruns. I like reruns. Reruns are my happy place.

I am also hoping my basement stays dry. I think I'm avoiding my  laundry because I now have bad associations with my basement and going down there. It apparently represents more stress for me than I had thought, and the world is so stressful now I don't want to submerge myself in more of it, and, I have a lot of underwear.

I'm glad I started the process now I can get the rest of it done.

Rocket and I just went out to let Rocket do his thing and and Rocket was significantly turned off by the rain. I'm sure he can hear it but he must have been hoping it was coming from the  blinking box thing and not from the outside. He just stood in the drive way and looked at me like I was the meanest dog Mom ever. I would have thought that the increased humidity and the change in the barometric pressure that he must have sensed, then the thunder and the loud rain sound on the car port banging away, would have been a  give away that there might be an increased chance of precipitation at some point in the next few hours or sooner - that  maybe it might be wet outside. But he is a dog and I don't think they have the brain function to have that kind of advanced thought.

He must have noticed the change in the barometer though, at the leastish. He can't be surprised by changes in weather! He's a damn animal! Even well bred animals are still animals at heart.

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