Thursday, February 2, 2017

That was a Wednesday if I ever saw one.

Thanks to all the chaos I have had to limit my media exposure. In the evenings, I watch reruns and during the day I  read books.

I'm not in a complete media blackout, I spend the day checking one site and then another, for a long time I avoided the Politics tab at Fark but I went back. You can't avoid it. I have another protest on Saturday, This evening when I was walking the dog, I ran into a Air horn person  and we  smiled and waved at each other and were like Oh, hey! See you Saturday! like its just a thing we do now,  attended large protests. Air horn was a warm up to get us used to the idea of getting together in a crowd only now the  the crowd is much, much larger only and the stakes are higher than HB2. Maybe that's what air horn was for, a thirty week rehearsal for the real thing.

Books! Back to my books! So far I have have read or actually, reread three David Sedaris books and now I'm reading Anna Kendrick's autobiography, you are forgiven for not knowing who who is, she is an actress who has been in more than several movies that did great box office but that you didn't see if you are over forty, except for Up in the Air. with George Clooney, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She also has been nominated for a Tony,  and done a lot of broadway so she's she has earned some  gravitas.

 I just checked her IMDB page and she was not in The Help, I thought she was, and she is older than I gave her credit for, good for her, I mean like she's only five years younger than I am.
I was going to say. Why is a really young girl writing her autobiography, I mean, yes, she has been working professionally for a really long time and she is funny and very clever and all that but I really thought she was like in her late twenties if she was a day ( she looks about twelve, its a blessing and curse according to her). As it turns out the girl is a grown woman, she is okay to write an autobiography if she wants to.

After I finished Kendrick's book it's going to be on to Carrie Fisher's last one and then I know I have some others stacked up in my Kindle that I haven't read yet or stop reading for whatever reason, I have a nice nest of books to turn to.

I can't avoid media entirely and I don't want to, I just need to not spend a lot of time with it. Wonkette is my friend and I spend too much time at Jezabel, I really like the content,even though I don't like the commenters very much at all, they make me want to troll very hard.Its a good thing I never joined the site and I can't actualy comment myself.  My Facebook feed could give the non-initiated a stroke and my Twitter is angry. I remember when it was just Steve Martin -  Who BTW, has not posted in days and he normally posts constantly, in between writing Tony winning plays and winning Grammys, the man does not sleep! or have a thought he does not share. Lately he has not been in a sharing mood. One more crime to lay at Trumps feet - he has made Steve Martin stop tweeting!

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