Monday, February 13, 2017


Me and eighty thousand plus of my closest friends gathered on downtown Raleigh Saturday morning and got our protest on. Again. To think the first time I went to an anti-Trump protest in Raleigh a few days after the election it drew a total of about fifteen people and it was depressing as hell. Really, it was awful.

As it turns out, all the rest of the city really needed to be horrified enough to come out was to just get to know the man a little better. The Women's March made me feel significantly better about the people around me in my corner of the world. but the march on Saturday was a nice shot in the arm.  I'm going to have to start calling my useless representatives again. I may even have to go to one of their pointless Town Halls to remind the cock suckers who they work for. I understand those Town Halls are significantly less fun for them now and significantly more fun for their constituents now that we are actually attending them.

Its nice that I don't have to hate all white people I come across- not everyone I see is a Trump voter, there are a lot of white people who did not vote for him. I can limit my knee jerk hate to just obvious  poor white trash. If I see a truck with a confederate flag sticker on it in the Wally parking lot and I want to say, curse the owners with an itchy crotch, I can feel comfortable doing that and not worry about getting an innocent non-Trump voter on accident.

Sunday I went with Brosky and Alphagal and the kids and the dogs to Puppapalooza to get free stuff and watch the dogs compete. Tiny Esme and my niece won a ribbon for obedience and my sister in law ran the puppy in agility. Here is Rocket watching

Rocket competed in the high jump. Sigh. He did okay. He didn't do as well as I would have liked him to do or as well as I know he could have done and other dogs did much better - in my dogs defence, I would prefer that I be able to leave my dog in the yard and not worry about him casually going over any fence he feels like and time he feels like it. He does have his limits, in my experience, he can jump up to a surface quite a bit higher than he can jump over .

But after watching the agility competition ( such as it was) if I had known you could enter your dog even if they weren't any good at it, I would have entered Rocket! They even let you do it on a leash! Damn! We could have rocked it! It was like a baby course for babies! Little bitty barely off the ground baby stuff! He could have done with his eyes closed! And on a leash to keep him  focused? Dayum! Had I but known!

I did get him into the Urban Agility course the school offers. It starts next Sunday. It looks interesting but it also looks like the kind of stuff we already do, but hey, it looks like fun in a group . I am going to have to get him a harness and that does kind of suck. The last time we did agility a harness wasn't a requirement, not wearing his pinch collar was a requirement and that sucked too.

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