Monday, February 20, 2017


This was the first weekend in what seems like a very long time that I didn't march . It feels odd. Instead I did laundry - some but not all, I got bored of it. I did get the dishes done and that feels good. It makes the kitchen look larger when the sink isn't full of dishes.

I also went on a search and destroy mission for dog bombs in the back yard. Democracy's loss was my households gain.

Sunday, Rocket and I attended his first Urban Agility class. We went up and down and all around the History Museum, it was fun but nothing we haven't before. Many times.  The instructor said he was "very enthusiastic".  The first class was just walking along planter boxes of various and ramps and the occasional odd surface. Rocket has never met a surface he finds odd and heights aren't a problem.

He did very well, I mean, of course he did. We've been there countless times. He isn't at is best in groups and he was a little bit wild.  A little bit. He was rotten and I wish he could have behaved better. He was bored! He wasn't even a little challenged! The biggest challenge was not crawling up the tail of the dog in front of him! and then leaping over the instructor's dog. Both lovely, but slow moving and short of leg.

Its going to take practice to not jump over these other dogs, we're going to need to work on his rusty obedience skills over his agility skills I think. I do not like his halter, he doesn't even notice that it is there .

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