Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Don't you wonder what Milo really did? That interview was on the web for a long time and was well known, he was a well known sleaze bag and famous, race baiting, misogynistic,  bigoted,  big old self hating homosexual. But then he has to go fulfil all the rightwing tropes about homosexuals and pedos.

 People knew about him for a long time and just now the right wing decided he was just too skeezy to hang around with? His publisher knew he was a scum bag and now they don't want the scum money he brings in? He and his merry band of scum bags were hateful to SNL's Leslie Jones last year when she was in Ghostbusters because she had the nerve to be both black and female.

She was more and able to defend herself because she is very smart and very funny and mean as hell and pushed, and also black and female and badass. She posted on Twitter that she done with him last year after she blocked him on Twitter and had him banned from the platform,  ( after he and his army of trolls mercilessly tormented her for months) but I bet she is a little bit pleased to see him publically taken down.

What did he do and who did he do it to? It can't be just that they grew some taste or that they decided that he was just too much of a racist for them  - President Bannen is allowed to stay in place and they don't get rid of him in a huge flaming ball of outrage. Well, we should be happy that Milo is gone. One down, uncountable millions to go. Question now is, where in the Admin will Cheeto put him?

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