Wednesday, February 22, 2017


While I was in the parking lot at Sam's I had a great idea for ane entry. But now I can't  remember what that idea was. It was great though I remember it was funny. It was either in the Sam's parking lot or last night in the Target parking lot. I spend a lot of time in parking lots having great thoughts.

Another thought I am having,  I am still thinking about getting a baby bornesque thing for Tiny so I can take him to work.

Rocket a good day today. I had a very dull staff meeting after work so he got to spend the day at daycare for the first time since before Christmas, he was very happy to be back. I  would like to take him there more frequently but its not convenient to most of my life and since they have moved further away they have gotten more expensive and over time, Rocket has just gotten better at being by himself and I have taken advantage of that.

But. He really likes it there and it really tires him out very effectively for like a good two days after he goes and that is super awesome for his behaviors . It also helps him be a better community dog and that is a huge benefit.

They do give him a lot of snacks during the day and that does give him the trots, but I think when they give him the treats they are doing some form of training or other - for example. he can now  catch treats in his mouth -  and I can't really complain about that too much. I might try to take him there on Saturdays while we are going to Agility class on Sundays. I think that even if he is only there for a few hours, it will really help tamp down some of his "enthusiasm"  and maybe help him be a little more focused on the class work.

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