Thursday, February 23, 2017


Having so much fun. I went to the doctor and the office tried to grossly overcharge me and I told them to fuck themselves. They tried to be sneaky and do it electronically on their fancy new tablets and they thought they would get it by me by being all electronic and tablet-y. I'm not one of their geriatric patients, I'm not that easily fooled.

 They tried to charge me for a specialist visit, I just saw this guy two weeks ago and it was a regular visit charge, so this week should also be a regular visit charge, if I was off on a field trip see a specialist I would be fine - however, this was an office visit to my same old doctors office to one of their docs. No specialist visit charge for me.

You have to keep and eye on these people.

As it turned out, they could have charged me rent for as long as I sat in their waiting room. They called every single person in there before they called me. They called one woman who came in after me who had only just walked in! She was put out by it. Not as put out as I was, but she managed.

I go back in a month. In the meantime, I keep doing my exercises and I am duty bound to let the office know if there are any changes. I think I have arthritis and a pinched nerve , but I'll keep doing the exercises if they make the doctor feel better,

I didn't end up going to my Town Hall meeting. I realized while I was downtown walking the dog that it was 5:30 and the meeting was supposed to get under way at 6pm somewhere in Cary and I was not going to make it. I understand that Sen. Tillis was not going to make it either. I like a good evening of Theatre as much as the next guy too, but  watching people yelling at an empty chair for a couple of hours no matter how cathartic is loud. Hopefully they will stage the next one closer to me. Maybe tomorrow I will call and leave a nice angry message on his answering machine, maybe all his answering machines.

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