Friday, March 31, 2017

Air Horn Week Something

Don't believe what you may have heard. North Carolina did not repeal HB2, it replaced it with a very slightly watered down version of the same bill. It is just as loathsome and keeps it in place until 2020. It also takes bathrooms and control mover them out of the control of the city and towns that they are located in and puts them under the control of The State.

Roy Cooper failed us. And he lied.

The Air Horn Orchestra had another concert. It was with a heavy heart, we voted for this guy! and now we are protesting at his door! This is sad. Some of our members chose not to perform with us because they found the pig attractive once there was lipstick on it, this is disappointing.  We did a few new members this time though, you could tell because 1) they spoke with the reporters, 2) they played with their horns before "time".

Its bad airhorn etiquette to make noise before we all make noise. Besides the true air horns run out of fuel very fast and are expensive, its foolish to waste it just fooling around. And they are ridiculously loud and they hurts everyone's ears! We wear ear protectors for a reason. Dummy.

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