Thursday, March 30, 2017


Continuing on the On This Day Theme : On This Day in 1973 the last of the troops were withdrawn from Vietnam.

Thinking positively. Good things.  Today I received my Hamilton soundtrack . I am listening to it now. I want to see it, I had to admit my knowledge of early US history is lacking and all I actually know about Burr/Hamilton is that one shot the other in a duel. The sound track is two CDs,  there was more to it than a duel.

Its very pop and R&B, not the traditional musical theater music, however more and more the music of the theater is not the traditional music of the theatre. You aren't going to walk away humming it because you aren't supposed to walk away humming it, times have changed. Tastes change.

 It reminds me of  a slicker, less white kid Hair or less white kid JCS. the same speaking to a very specific audience in a very specific way. The same way that they were hugely popular with their target audiences, Hamilton is cleaning up with theirs instead of trading bible verses, they are exchanging passages from history books. The makers of Hair and JCS  were not interested in the old blue haired ladies either... Its really the same. I mean JCS was right out of the Bible and it was for and by a very young audience that was not usually going to the theatre, much less Broadway. Hamilton is going after this same audience.

Its very interesting music. Exhausting.  Would not make sense outside the show, does reprise "Not throwing away my shot" so far 3x.

Its good, its very factual. Its  like a School House Rock for a whole new generation. But a lot longer. And a lot less white. A touring version is supposed to come here - even with HB2 in place? it shouldn't, decent shows bypass us, as they should.  I would like to see it though, to see what all the excitement is about.

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