Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More History.

While I didn't remember anything about the plan crash, I do remember this. Mostly because my family live just outside the evacuation zone and I think if the threat has lasted a little longer they were going to increase the area that had to evacuate but fortunately, they got it under control before they had to bug out ( still? the plume? that place spewed nuclear fallout into the air, for gawd knows how long. I still would have left, I would have loaded up the car and driven the kids down to Texas to see us.  Today in History Cheeto willfully gutted the EPA and its rules to protect us from disasters like this.  Expect more disasters like this befall us as we move into the future. Russian steel is not as good as American steel

So in its entirety:

 Well, History. com doesn't update often, there are  more than a few new builds out there including a a very new one, and it's in Tennessee. Somewhere there is a picture of me, taken years later. with one of the 3 Mile Island towers in the background, to prove that I was there and didn't grow a second head. We drive past the now mothballed power station going to and from the airport to see the family.

 Today, I live near the not even all that new but History. Com is not as smart as it thinks it is, Shearon Harris Nuke plant. ( opened in 1985). Something happened out there late last year that caused it to need to be shut down for a time for some reason, but I found no mention of this though, and I only know because a friend at work had a friend staying with her that was working out there on the shut down. I visited the creepy Face Book page dedicated to  the somewhat quaint idea of permanently shutting it down and they didn't know about anything out of the ordinary going on out there.  Ta da.

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