Friday, March 17, 2017


Wednesday Rocket and I discovered that it can be too windy to walk the dog and that Rockets ears are not quite enough to get him airborne they are close enough. 

I had to change our trajectory because the wind was gusting too strongly and we were not enjoying ourselves. Rocket got to the point he was strongly encouraging us to take shelter in the leeward side of a  delivery van because at the least we would be out of the damn wind for a second.

It was not fun.

I thought if we got off of Fayetteville Street Wind Tunnel and onto  an adjacent street that I thought might be less wind tunnelesque, but wasn't , we would be happier. But we weren't. It was slightly less because the buildings on that side are less uniformly tall so it's less of a natural wind tunnel than Fayettville Street is, but it was up for the challenge.  I don't know how strong the gusts were but they were almost enough to get a 73 pound dog off his feet. Too much wind, we should have stayed home.

Thursday was better, but it was still colder downtown than it was in the neighborhoods. I should be very grateful hat the snow is gone and it's so much nicer here than it is elsewhere on the east coast.

Thursday, the Trump Administration decided we don't need Meals on Wheels or after school programs for poor kids  because there isn't enough return on the money. They also decided The Wall needed  Two Billion dollars ( no doubt to be be built with leftover Soviet cement and workers from Belarus). The entire administration should burn in hell.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. May he come back and the lead poisonous snakes from our Government, And while he is there, may he save their damaged, ruptured souls and bring them like the people of Ireland, the fable says, to Jesus. Because they have never been there before. And then let Jesus meet with them, because if there is a group of people who need a Come to Jesus Meeting, it is them.

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