Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tiny Vader

I took Tiny to the vet to day to make sure the cold he caught from Ace hadn't morphed into something worse between Cat A and Cat B. It could, there is a slot of air between Cat A and Cat B and a lot could happen! Things morph and change and get twisted and freaky! I don't know anything about animal contagions, they are probably terrible! I bet they morph like crazy!  A mere cold could become pneumonia or even worse! I mean, if you were only nine pounds a few ounces, it doesn't take a whole lot to take you completely off your feet. You can't be too careful.

For example:  Cat A never sounded like Darth Vader and Cat B was about twenty minutes from telling Rocket he was he was his father. For all I know Cat As head cold had morphed into some sort of feline plague by the time it landed in Cat B.  Darth Tiny

I was worried! I also couldn't sleep with him sitting next to me all night - Yes, sitting, next to me all night  sawing away like an asthmatic leaf blower. So to the vet we went, he thanked me for being such a good pet owner/ paying his electric bill this month. I don't remember Tex ever catching a cold, but everything was wrong with Tex, I don't think either of us would have noticed an upper respiratory infection amid all the other things going wrong simultaneously. Poor Tex. Both the current Cats are such pictures of health a mere cold makes them look like they are on deaths door. Good for them. And me.

The good news was that it is a head cold and his lungs are clear. The vet gave him the same meds he gave Ace and sent us on our way. Ace's cold cleared up within a couple of days and he's back to normal. I imagine that Tiny should follow the same path, maybe an extra day or so as he has done more work on his Darth Vader impersonation and Ace never got that far.

I think the meds are already working, Tiny Vader is up and chasing Ace around the house and I'm sure that Ace is thrilled to have Tiny getting back to good health.

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