Monday, April 17, 2017


I'm Back. I wasn't anywhere doing anything. I was puppy sitting. This was what I was doing

 It was hard ya'll, the struggle is real.

She just looks little. She doesn't sleep, she doesn't nap and she still manages to have the energy of a hyperactive two year old, even after a 3.5 mile walk. Also she is almost completely potty trained. Let that sink in. You can't take your eyes off her ever. Add to that that she and Rocket get along like a house afire and just wanted to play and play and play. There is no back turning or looking away when you have two dogs doing their version of pro-wrasslin' ( completely harmless dog play, but wrasslin' nonetheless) in your living room.

 They turned my living room into their very own Dog Park. It took me too long to learn that if they getting out of hand that all it took to make them stop is a quick hoot from the air horn. It was like magic. I know its a very loud noise and it probably hurt their ears (for a moment) but it hurts me when my furniture gets damaged too! I happen to like my lamps. I wouldn't have had to stoop to such barbaric methods if either of them would have followed the commands I know for a fact they have been taught. Prior to the air horn epiphany  I spent a lot of time yelling at them to Stopit! stopit! stopit! or trying to use a command they both know Leave it! nothing worked. Enter the Air Horn. Screw you dogs.

Little puppy is however, super cute and as sweet as she can be. She is my niece dog, Esme. We had a really good time and I'm glad she stayed with me. I hated the idea of her spending the whole week in doggy jail, that would be mean. I hope she had a good time with us, Rocket had a blast.

Just take them outside, Let them run around out there! They'll have a great time, you say. "All the time? I answer?  Neither can be outside alone without fear of barking or trying to escape, if they are outside, I have to be outside. When am I supposed to eat my dinner or  put away my stuff from my trip last weekend or get my stuff together for my trip this weekend? Oh, and my the way, my backyard is a jungle because I haven't mowed the lawn in two weeks since I was out of town last weekend and I can't do it this week because  I can't leave the animals in the house alone! I also have two cats remember?! I haven't seem them since the puppy arrived on Sunday but I'm pretty sure they are here somewhere.

I ate a lot of take out this last week, quickly. I did keep up our walk schedule. The puppy who normally does not go for a lot of walks learned by doing. Our first walk was kind of a nightmare for both of us. It took me that walk to figure out how to make the "splitter" work correctly and to learn we did not need both leashes to walk the dogs. The puppy also learned that the best way to not get dragged to her death was to lead the way. She learned fast.

Everyone loved the two doggies, and they loved everyone.

It turned out the puppy didn't like her food at all. She did however like Rockets food and glomed it down with abandon. Rocket wasn't as interested in his food and ate her food happily - he would, its the doggy version of the expensive food I buy the cats that he craves. Puppy needs to gain weight and he does not. Both of their foods are gluten free and neither dog had any unpleasant side effects from the food change. Yay!

The puppy didn't have any accidents in the house or even overnight until halfway through her stay and then she wet her crate and I learned that dog beds are indeed washable and dryable - and if they aren't, they can and do survive the trial, twice it turned out. Fun! and time consuming.

Puppy slept like a baby too. Not before crying for hours and needing to be taken out multiple times. That was the first night, after that she just cried for a couple of hours every night before she just exhausted herself and the rest of us. And then I went to work!

Thursday after work I dropped her off at her Dog Spa. Have I mentioned how glad I am to have a full grown , adult dog?

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