Monday, April 3, 2017


Saturday morning I got up and drove out to Apex to attend the Wake County Democratic Convention.

The first thing I noticed was that were a lot of cars in the lot, The High School Auditorium they had rented out was brand new and very lovely. The second thing I noticed was that there was line to get in. God Damn Democrats can't do anything right! Jebus! Those of us who had done this before were really annoyed by this who standing in line business, and who are these other people?  what the hell? This year in a addition to my chair  and I we had a delegate from the precinct show up, we didn't know what to do with him. I should say, he wasn't there for the precinct, he was there with Resistance, or The Indivisible or Progressives Democrats - he wasn't voting with us officially. We did let him decide who our precinct was going to vote for Wake County Chair because we didn't really have a favorite and we were just going to divide our precinct votes in half between the two ( we had 19 to vote, one was going to get 9  the other 10,  we let him decide who was going to win our precinct. It seemed to make him happy.

There were a lot of new people. We filled the the auditorium, it was SRO. A total of over 1000 people. Normally it is about half that number on an election year, this is an off year, there should be no one there. Almost all the attendants were  first time people.

The vets were there though. My least favorite gadfly was there. He got up,  like he does every year, did his thing, like he does every year, wasted our time, like he does every year and unlike every year, got shouted down by 1000 people not there to get there time wasted. Its quite impressive to hear a thousand people say NAY. I'm sure he was shocked. So we proceeded to go on to our next bit of business which was voting on last years minutes

A girl stood up and said she didn't want to talk about last year's business, she wanted to talk about  voting rights! She also got shouted down by a thousand people. Because we are there to talk about last year's business, its what we do at these things. Its convention business. It will put your teeth to sleep, but its what you do at these things. A good meeting leader makes sure that you don't spend too much time on these items or any item and keeps the meeting moving and short. Our meeting stared at 11am and I left at 2:30 when we started on the resolutions.

I have too much respect for myself. I used to stay for these until it made me hate people too much and I don't want to hate my fellow Democrats that much.  I think a lot of what we did could be done online and taken care of before the convention. I don't think there is any reason to take any suggestions from the floor.  It leads to chaos.

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