Tuesday, April 4, 2017

News you can use

Okay. Buzzfeed just came out with a lovely piece about yet another  Another current or former Trump advisor with a relationship with Russia  . And yes, Buzzfeed, purveyors of  dopy quizzes about what  your lunch "really means" and how your love of 80s sitcoms foretells how many kids you will have,  more and more often brings you kill peices on the Trump administration. They are not dealers in fake news.

Carter Page isn't on this graph, but he would belong under the nebulous "Trump Campaign". The graph, which I wish was easier to read, but I found several online and none of them are easy to read, I suspect because there are so many names on them, this graph is from last week and is not entirely up to date.

Earlier Monday came the news  that Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education's,  brother, Eric Prince of Black Water Fame was doing some back channel footsy with the Russians for Trump . In One Day  we learned all these things about the Trump administration friends and family plan and the Russians.

I don't have the knowledge or political science background to explain any of it to you. It confuses me and leaves me feeling dizzy. I do however suggest that you follow @20committee on Twitter immediately because he  does have the knowledge and the polisi background to explain all of this. He does speak in acronyms and spy jargon you will spend a lot of time on Google but it will make you feel much more worldly, for example: IC means "Intelligence Community". Go here , and read John R. Roberts collected work at http://observer.com , forewarned is forearmed, said mag is owned by Jared Kushner. Roberts is a safe bet however and he is strongly in the Never Trump camp of conservative Country Before Party writers that even a good lefty can read and learn from.

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