Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I'm trying to figure out why Hamilton is so loved. Thus far I'm getting Cats. No, thats mean. So far I'm getting  Lin-Manual Miranda is to Broadway Musicals is what J.K Rowling is to youth fiction. Brillant! But needs an editor and to be edited. Desperately. Also like Rowling, needs someone who can tell him he is not brilliant.Even though he is very talented, and he is bringing live theater to a demographic that never sees live theater or has any interest in doing so, and for that alone he deserves all the attention he is getting and more. He like Rowling is a genius, he would have to be to make early American history as compelling as he does.

Hamilton, also is not so much a traditional musical in that it seems to be entirely sung, there is no Book, no spoken lines, the sound track is two full CDs. It is more a opera.

But thus far, so far I;m not feeling the whole life changing thing that people are feeling after seeing this show. My life has not changed, I am not a new person I  am not feeling the same sense of re-birth after listening to the sound track through twice. I am, wondering if people who are watching the show in real life have never seen color blind casting in action or seen a show cast with young actors? Or seen a show in a black box theatre?  I don't get it.

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