Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Good and the Bad.

Doing my laundry during the week is much faster than doing it over the weekend. If I do it on a Saturday it takes all damn day, I do it on Wednesday and it's over, two loads in - out in a couple of hours. I need to change my laundry schedule.

I did the laundry, two loads, emptied and filled the dishwasher and went to the store and got new dog food. I also made my lunch . Tomorrow over lunch I'll put gas in the car and buy apples.

I was supposed to buy apples while I was out getting dog food but on the way back from Wally on the way to Food Lion - Wally has awful apples, I buy my apples from Food Lion, they have much better produce - anyway, while I was going from point A to point B I was listing to  the radio and I ran across a recent Robin Williams recording! and I wasn't going to go into the store and miss this! I mean, it wasn't recent, recent, be real. It must have been recorded within a year or so of his death, I had never heard it. There is a station on Serious that runs stand up comedy all the time and they claim they are running The Greats and yet they play almost no Robin Williams and I know  there must be recordings of him performing. I wasn't going to miss this.

So I drive home. I could have sat in the Food Lion parking lot and listened to it, but I don't like looking crazy sitting in my car laughing to myself, and it was a long piece, I would have been sitting there for a while ... I can get apples tomorrow night, and I have enough to get though.

Did you see the news today? Bannon out? Good. Cheeto calls fellow molester Bill O'Reilly a "good person". Days after proclaiming April approximately  "Awareness of Violence againts Women Month", he goes on record defending a man who is currently paying off women he molested.  A Good Person. Good People do not molest women  Good People Do not Defend People Who Do.


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