Friday, April 7, 2017


I feel like I left work hours ago it was five. I came home, putzed around and then walked the dog to the bank to get some cash. I needed the cash so I could finance a trip to a Pancake and Art show trip to the Lincoln Theatre downtown, although I bet they spell it Theater. It was once apon a time a Movie theater and getting it integrated was a Very Big Deal in the history of Raleigh, it would be a big deal to get it integrated now, from what I could tell from the play bills of the bands that perform there now and the crowd I waded through.

The art was better than I had expected and the music was louder than I had hoped. It was also more crowded than I thought it would be - Good, because crowds are good for art, and I understand that these Pancake and Art pop ups were being held in several cities across the country so it was good for Raleigh that we had a good showing.

I had to bounce though, the music was too loud and the people were too young and the pancakes too few. It was fun though.

And now I'm tired. Its been a very long week.

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