Monday, April 24, 2017


Saturday I, along with Alphagal, Broskey and their kids and many, many, many don't-let-the-lame-stream-media-tell-you-otherwise-looking-at-you-News-and-Observer- "500 people"- bull shit.

I know it was odd to march for "science", it was odd, but the Cheeto administration has shown a shocking lack of respect for facts and truth and sometimes you have to stand up for them. And sometimes that means boots on the ground and an old fashioned show of force. Also, when we wrote signs, we spell them correctly.

Because that is exactly what it is: a show of force: We're here, we're real, and we are out here in great numbers.  You can't steal this, you can't misrepresent this' I am here. He is here, she is here. They brought their kids. And we all took pictures. And we are posting them everywhere. You walk away feeling rejuvenated,  stronger and again, not alone. It doesn't matter how many Face Book groups you join, how many Twitter Gawds you worship, how many post cards you send, how often you call your senators and representatives there is nothing like being in a crowd of people who think like you think, feel like you feel and are disgusted by the exact same things that disgust you .

The constant tippy toeing around you must do even now, even after everything we have learned, after everything we have seen - its shocking. At this point we shouldn't be the ones having to be polite about where we stand. We should be loud and proud with our truth, but no we are forced by years of being taught by the FAUX news cockservitives that we should be ashamed of our beliefs and we must always be careful of offending our cockservitive brethren because , well, why? again? Really? Have they ever been careful of offending us?! Has any cockservative ever apologized for spewing their "truth" at you? Nope! Because they would never think of it, because they don't care about offending us, because we are beneath them, we are "snowflakes or libtards" and if we take offence , they take it as a sign of weakness.

But Gawd forbid you offend them! Jeebus!

 Have they ever tried to be not offensive to us? Never. They never try to be non-offensive to us? NO! They continue to hurl  creatures like Anne Coulter at us and now just about every slime eater in the Cheeto Administration at us and we're supposed to watch what we say? Bastards.  If you have the opportunity to march, MARCH. Be a public Liberal, let your Blue Flag Fly.

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