Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden 2017 Update 1

My plan for today was that I was going to go to Lowes or Wally or Lowes and Wally and buy my veggies. I was going to rush home and change clothes and immediately set to tilling the old garden up, then I was going to move on to till the other garden, first removing the Ha! weed barrier! that I never removed last spring when the last plant died.

I don't think I'm going to use the new garden space this year, it may get too much sun. I was so excited about it last year and I had such high hopes and everything I planted in it died. It was not a good year for the garden. I got not one single tomato, I bought a bunch of fancy varieties from a girl near here selling fancy versions I can't get in stores. She sold her plants way too young and they died young. I bought a second round of plants from big box stores and while they grew up, all the  baby fruits got eaten by critters or critters unknown before they had the chance to mature. I killed the critters and then the heat killed the plants.

The peppers were in  the overflow plot and they did not get eaten and they did give me some harvest, the entire lot drowned in the flood from the Hurricane. I lost everything from the entire summer, it was really heartbreaking.

I am not excited about planting this year because why bother I could just lose it again and its getting so late in the season. Its been so ugly there hasn't been a good weekend of decent weather yet to do anything in the garden.

I was supposed to do it today. But it rained.  I couldn't go get plants because they keep the vegetable plants outside and I don't really want to get rained on and I haven't really even thought about what I want to plant! I have entirely intentionally ignored my pile of seed catalogues and usually by this time I have  made my  order and have everything in the ground. I should have those catalouges memorized and planted acre and acres of  imaginary farm land by now. I haven't even thought about what I'm going to  do beyond,  basic tomatoes, peppers and spaghetti squash, if I can find it.

Its just kind of sad. I want to get this stuff done.

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