Wednesday, April 26, 2017

After the Floodette

And so it rained for a couple of three days and that sucks under normal circumstances, but it really sucks when they have built a behemoth behind your house and it has taken up the entire lot and there is no more actual ground left and thus, there is nowhere for the rain to go and now it has to go into my basement, and my neighbors yards - pretty much everywhere except the yard of the behemoth.

 I'm sure they weren't pumping water out all day today like we were.

My new best friend

It weighs more than I do and its the size of a spaghetti  pot . The hose is also heavy. They didn't mention how heavy they were at the rental space, the pump looked so small I thought it was "small", I thought it was be light and easy to work with. It was easy to work with but its made of led.

It worked miracles though, it along with my sump pump got all the water out.

If those are the After pictures, we need the Before

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