Thursday, April 27, 2017


Today was Administrative Professionals Day. I celebrated by leaving the house at six ayem to drop off my rental pump and then drove cross town to the doggy daycare to drop off the dog and it was off to work for an extra special fun day because today was not on APD it was also our  monthly meeting which means the day will run an hour longer than usual. Yay! I walked in the door almost exactly twelve hours later.

This year, in a departure from a field trip to a lovely restaurant or for several  years, a visit to a country club, we ate in one of our conference rooms and lunch was salad with cold turkey and ham. Cold. There was also a cake from Wal-Mart with THANK YOU written in icing across the top.

We stood there in the doorway looking at the salad on the table wondering when the rest of the luncheon was going to turn up and were we in the way. Last year we ate in the conference room as well, and were also disappointed in the lunch, but  I think it was catered from somewhere. It was at the very least a hot meal.

So that was fun. My boss did give me a gift card for a meal at Chili's, so that was nice.

I picked up the dog from daycare, late, because I had some work to finish up, and took him home and before I picked him up I got gas in the car.  I had been hopeing to get home and be able to sweep the basement but it was still too wet for that, it needs to be pretty dry for sweeping, so at least one more day with the fan for it. I also noticed on the way into the house that I need to mow the yard, I said "I will do that after dinner".

Who am I kidding?

I changed clothes and watched TV and  remembered that Target told me that I could pick up the dogs meds two days ago, do I went to Target - not close by, but I was up for the adventure. I had been watching a show about a guy who turns peoples sheds into  $150 a night rentals, but I got realy over watching him turn SHEDS into rental units, I was a little aghast. I think it helps a lot if you live in Vermont and have rustic out buildings available. I had to leave.

I went all the way to Target, this is my second trip all the way to Target and again I came up empty. The last time they wouldn't give it to me because I was two days shy of the refill, this time they didn't have the whole scrip on site but they would have it tomorrow. They are lucky I am so tired and frankly, a little depressed right now or I would have gotten really upset about having to make two trips up there for NOTHING. I went to McDonalds to make myself feel better. It worked.

I drove home and managed to miss my driveway. I took a trip around the hood and saw two dogs out for a stroll by themselves. I parked in the street for a while watching them wander around, they had collars on and seemed to be together, they seemed to know where there were. I drove on and looked for open gates or people looking for them but didn't see any.

Got home, unloaded the dog, ate my dinner. I started to loose my McDonalds buzz. What about those dogs? What if I missed my driveway because I was supposed to help those dogs and I blew it? What if God Forbid, my dog got out?, would I want someone to just sit in their car and think about helping or would I want them to help? I failed those people and their dogs. I suck and whatever happens to those dogs happens on my head. Or in my head, which is worse.

I went back out and retraced my steps in the car and didn't see them. I drove around the hood looking for them and never saw them, I also never saw anyone looking for them. I checked Next Door for anything about them being missing and didn't see anything. There is a good chance a neighbor saw them out and either took them in or put them back, or their people saw they were out and out and put them back. I am not hearing dogs barking, which would be a give way that other dogs were around. I need to not go to a bad place.

Maybe by stopping in the street for as long as I did, that was how I helped. I don't know. We don't know how we are useful, or when we are used. That is not ours to know. I know I wish I had done more when I was there and I can know that the next time I will be more proactive when faced with the same problem because the next time it might be not me with my dog.

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