Friday, April 21, 2017


Today I mowed both yards with the old fashioned push mower because it was so nice outside and so quite, I just didn't feel right throwing the sound of a mower into all that stillness. It wouldn't be right.

Also, the big mower is just so much work, it has occurred to me. I have to get extension cords, I have to plug them in, I have to dance with them for the whole lawn, - I also have to put the other mower back to and it is also heavy but, work with me here. I have to put the heavy machine back in the shed, also the lawn mower is very heavy and I just didn't want to deal with all that. It takes longer and the job isn't as through, but, the grass wasn't all that long and doing it with the big mower would have been overkill.

It was nice exercise anyway and the weather was so nice, it was a no brainer. If I want to mow the front yard myself, as long as I am too lazy to do the work to get the  electrics fixed in the front, I'm going to have to use the push mower pretty frequently out there - it works best when it has to work the least. You do not want to have to mow really tall grass with an old fashioned manual push mower, it isn't going to be pretty and it isn't going to mow the grass. You are going to wind up with the a heart attack and your grass is going to wind up folded over and popping right back up, to mock you.  So for the time being, until I get my shit together I'm going to have to mow it at least a couple of times a week to stay on top of it. Yay.

Well, I need the exercise any way. There is a secret to the little mower though. You have to go up and own verses back and forth, its makes a big difference! I don't know why, I don't know how it knows, but it makes  a big difference to the over all quality of the job. First up and down then across. I learned this the hard way. Its the complete opposite of how you mow with the power mower, or how I do it with a power mower. You may do it an other way, and that is your business entirely - you be you,

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