Thursday, April 20, 2017


Let me explain, I had a doctors appointment at 5pm and then I "had" to get dinner, because I was so close to my favorite Chinese place and hadn't been there since before Lent and by the time I was in that neighborhood, it was after six and then I had to wait for it and then the after work traffic was a bitch and that added time to the whole thing and then I finally got home and then had to eat that dinner, then I had to feed the dog , then as I was getting the dogs pills out I realized I could order new pills and so I did and the automated voice asked when I wanted to pick them up and I said why not tonight? and it said sure! and I said cool.

So I took the dog to Target to get the med and found out that they had called and told me they could not fill it until later this month. Assholes. I left Target and went to Big Lots and bought Garden 2017 drip hoses.

Then I came home and watched M*A*S*H reruns. and that is why I don't have an entry for today.

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