Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I spent so much time laundering the puppies things last week that I I decided to launder the dogs stuff too, its only fair. I also think that the puppy pee may have migrated outside the crate and gotten on the dogs bedding. I got the puppies things out of the upstairs, but left behind the puppy pee. Phantom pee is like living with a particularly lazy poltergeist . It doesn't throw things around or make noise, it just leaves this awful smell around.

It was also brought to my attention that the dog himself has an odor. I hadn't noticed, perhaps because I have gone "nose blind" to such things. I washed his bedding. it was time to wash him. I haven't washed him since last summer so its not a surprise that there have been some complaints.Even short haired dogs are going to have issues. Rocket has developed issues. Seasonal issues.

Its not as easy to wash the dog. The dog doesn't like being washed. He is violently opposed to being washed, The bedding likes to be washed, it all but hops into the washer so helpful and cooperative and nice. The do is not cooperative or nice  when it comes to be laundered. He hates to be bathed! Its a nightmare for all involved and its going to take more than a complaint about his odor for me to give him a traditional bath. Its not worth it, as he is not actually filthy at present and only smells I am certainly not going to put myself into the line of fire to make him smell better. 

I pulled put his doggy wipes and went to town!  He now smells much less like a dog and much more like seven or eight doggy wipes.

Eventually his bedding will come out of the dryer and hopefully I will have exorcised the peeltergest.

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