Thursday, May 4, 2017


I was very proud of Rocket yesterday. We met a tiny dog yesterday that looked exactly like one of those stuffed dog toys I used to let him eat, before I stopped letting him eat stuffed dog toys.

It was a cute little thing but it was just the tiny-iest thing  I ever saw that wasn't radio controlled or a cat.  If I was Rocket I would have thanked me for the toy and had at it. But he isn't me and he was a perfect gentleman and limited the meeting to a polite sniff.

Rockets head was about the size of the entire tiny dog, so the "polite sniff" was subject to interpretation . The tiny dog interpreted it to be an invitation to run around a squeak like a toy. It was a good day for tiny dog,  Rocket has never been all that interested by very young dogs. He thinks they are dogs and he respects them as fellow animals but he doesn't find them at all interesting or worthy of playing with.

Fortunately, he will only play with dogs that are more or less in his weight class. He ignores very young, very small dogs. He has better things to play with, like cats.

Cats are also very small and fragile but they move very fast and and are more than able to defend themselves, he knows this and he feels comfortable letting his fur down with them and really playing with them. You can tell he enjoys it and them, they are almost, but not quite equals and he feels comfortable. Tiny dogs are not his thing.

 I'm also afraid he's going to snap and just say "Damn it toy thing! I am going to so eat you now!"

Little dogs are just not as smart as cats. Cats are smart enough to get out of the way, little dogs think they can and should fight back and they just make it worse. They just aren't very bright. That's why they scare me, I avoid, in most cases. little dogs, because they could taunt him and I don't want to see that happen. I mean, Rocket is super chill and is really mellow but there is always the first time, its much easier to cross the street and wave. Its just good policy.

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