Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It turns out my $14.99 investment in a lovely, unstated navy blue backpack from Target  was indeed a good buy. I bought it in hopes that it would fit a bag of cat food and it did! Its been sitting around for months being a backpack, and understandably, cats made it their own. Cats are going to turn your things into cat beds. Its what they do, they are either going to break them or sleep on them.

I bought it a long time ago  now,  when I think about it, and in the meantime, since it was being used a as a backpack, it has doubled as a cat bed -  a damn good one at that, Ace has learned it was soft and comfy and not purchased as a cat bed- because God forbid he sleep on a on purpose cat bed!  He pushed it from the top of the table and  moved it under the table to get a better sun patch. He was very put out when I took it away from him to take it for a walk.

I went with Rocket to the cat food store and popped the cat food bag into the backpack and it magically fit and then Rocket and I went on the rest of our walk, the whole 3.5 miles. Perfect.

Normally, I have to carry the awkward thing in my arms and it is very heavy and hard to carry and after a half a mile or so it gets really not very much fun and more and more I have taken to buying it after work and having to pay for parking, which is a giant sin in my mind. Now I can just out on my backpack and walk to the store.

And that's it for today. Sorry.  Oh. I did have a surprise this morning when I was walking the dog. They tore down this house on Tarboro, it was there yesterday and it was fine and now this morning it was a pile of house. I may of shrieked when I saw it. It had been empty for a while but I thought it was a nice enough structure, but it is on a big lot and that, I guess was its death knell. It was a very small house on a largish lot and it was worth a lot less than the lot. So its gone now. They used to do that a lot more often around here than they do now ( they tore down the house behind me!), so I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am. It had newish siding on it too and the people had put a new porch on the side of it and I thought it looked nice but , oh well. Progress. And now I wonder how long the one next door has,  because it is even smaller and more wretched and less well maintained and I have wondered why its still standing, it does have a tenant in it now but I bet that this lights  a fire under the landlord and maybe they start looking at their options, its in an awful location, perhaps better served by a different kind of structure, like someones garage or just part of a yard.

It is not lost on me that I am bothered by the loss of the one house but I am planning the demise of the other.

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