Monday, May 8, 2017

Looking Out

I need a couple of new windows, well, I really need one new window, the window on the other side is aging out and could use replacing but it is in awkward place due to the past owners DIY remodel and replacing it will be difficult - I am willing to forgo that window. I have two additional windows that  I would like to see replaced sooner rather than later and of course there is pretty much every other window in the house.

I saw a random ad for replacement windows online and decided that it was A Sign and I went with it, I called them and they called me, and called me and called me - until I finally picked up and we set up an appointment Saturday afternoon.

Renewal by Anderson, very, very nice. I'm pretty sure that this is not the entry level Anderson replacement window. I don't know why they looked up my address and thought that Renewal was the product line that they should show me? It is not the product line for this neighborhood, that was a bad call. This is a vinyl replacement window kind of place.

I had a long talk with the saleswoman and I showed her the problem windows and explained the issues I was having and she measured the windows and then we sat down and showed me the catalogue.

It was lovely book and the windows featured in it were gorgeous.  So clearly not the vinyl replacement windows I had in mind when I started this project in my mind. The saleswoman dismissed vinyl  replacement windows as "cheap". Well, yes, they are, however, I prefer to think of them as "affordable", which is why I was thinking of them in the first place, and why they are in every single house on my street.

Speaking of affordable. It became time for her to give me my quote, she went on about discounts and sales and blather. The first price for five windows : $24,000 - However, this was not on my final quote, I gather my initial display of shock and dismay was a bit of a turn off to the saleswoman and the final quote for all five windows was listed as 16K and then lowered by additional 3K with sales and discounts. If I only get the upstairs windows it would be $8268.85 for three windows.

Its still a No.

When  she left and I stopped hyperventilating, I called a different vender and we'll see what they can do. I may just end up with a window stuffed with towels.

Sunday, I mowed the lawns and went to the Wake County Book sale, there was nothing left but a handful, but I I scoured the four remaining tables and got 14 books for $3. Can't beat it.

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