Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I was at the book sale for an hour or so yesterday and two moments stood out for me:1) I found Celia Rivenbarks' You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning in the "Self Help" section and 2) I listened to a woman complain to her friend about the dearth of books at the sale, on Sunday afternoon, after the sale has been going on like gangbusters since Friday morning , her conspiracy-ago-go explanation for all he good titles being gone was that "she has heard that the library hired a company to go through and take out the good titles before the sale started" .

Not that thousands of people had been through there like hyenas with reading glasses and they had taken literally everything, but despite the clear carnage, there were still decent titles to be found if you were to look for them, because I looked and I found some.

I found a couple of Wendy Wasserman plays, Major Barbara, a book of four classic French plays, a book of four great Restoration plays, Click and Clacks book, and many, more! For $3. Even if they are just additions to my library, they are additions to my library

Today was a win because I noticed that my shirt was on backwards before I got to work. Score.

Tuesday I am expecting another window person to come to my house after work and look at my window project and hopefully give me a quote that won't give me agita.

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